The Tolka House Gastropub, Glasnevin, Dublin. Ireland.


Established 1756
Tolka House, formerly The Bulls Head has been the main source of hospitality in the Glasnevin area since 1756. This fountain of allurement, once a hostelry, acquired its first licence in 1848, at the end of the Great Famine, under the ownership of Thomas White. An act of parliament in 1878 saw the National Botanic Gardens come under the patronage of the state who opened it up to the public. This was good news for Mary White's tavern. The name Tolka House first seen above the this door in 1883 under the new ownership of H. Briscoe. By 1901 Tolka House was under the care of the Ryan brothers. The electric tram then brought much business to Tolka House and The Botanic Gardens with its regular service from Nelson's Pillar. The traditional ethos has been retained in Tolka House as you now find yourself surrounded by raised levels and cosy corners.
"On your way out listen to the gentle murmuring of the Tolka flowing sweetly beside the premises. Inside, the waters of the Tolka House continue to flow just as sweetly."

The Tolka House Gastropub, Glasnevin, Dublin. Ireland.

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our bar has now been refurbished, check it out on this 1min video!

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